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Important Steps for Cleaning a Turntable

If you want to enjoy a better vinyl performance again and again, then it’s important to properly maintain a turntable. A proper maintenance will make sure the all the components are working well, which will definitely result in a better sound performance. Now the question is, ‘how to maintain a turntable’. Don’t know the answer; don’t worry as we have come up with some useful tips that will help you to clean a turntable. Before discussing the steps involved in the cleaning process, let’s have a look at the components which you must collect it before starting the cleaning process.

  • Cleaning brush for a stylus: The stylus is the most delicate part in a turntable and you need to be extremely careful while cleaning the stylus because if you put an extra pressure on it, then the needle will break. So, buy a cleaning brush specially designed for stylus to prevent the stylus from any damage.
  • A soft cleaning brush: You cannot use the same cleaning brush designed for stylus to clean the other components of the best vinyl record player as it will clean all the debris stored in a turntable. So, buy a separate cleaning brush which is capable of removing all the dirt from this popular musical instrument.
  • Rubbing alcohol: Either you should buy a rubbing alcohol or a cleaner designed for a turntable, to clean the turntable. Dip the brush in the rubbing alcohol or cleaner solution, to remove all the chemical particles present in a record player.
  • Antistatic cleaning cloth: This cloth is used for drying all the wet particles left on the turntable after using a cleaning solution. Moreover, you can also use this cloth to remove the dust from the record player.
These are the items, you will require before starting the cleaning process. If you find it difficult to buy all these items separately, then the best alternative to these items is a cleaning kit designed for a turntable. The kit includes all the items mentioned above as well as some other useful items that help in maintaining a turntable.

maintaining a turntable

Steps Involved in a Turntable Cleaning Process

  • Stylus is a major component of a turntable, so start the cleaning process by cleaning the needle after every use. Take a stylus cleaning brush and dip it in a cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol. Now, softly clean the needle and make sure the needle is not bending while cleaning.
  • After every use of a turntable, fingerprints and other chemicals are left on the surface of a record player. So, take a soft brush and dip it in the rubbing alcohol to remove all the chemical particles. Moreover, repeat this step for cleaning the records too, as some chemicals also get deposited on it after each use.
  • Now take an antistatic cleaning cloth to wipe off the surface of the best vinyl record player. The main benefit of using this cloth is that it doesn’t put any scratch on the record player surface during wiping.
This is the best way to clean a turntable. So, follow this procedure only if you want to keep your record player, safe from the side effects of dust and chemical particles. Things to avoid during the cleaning process:
  • Do not clean the needle with your fingers because by doing so, the skin oil will get deposited on it which will ruin the sound quality.
  • Make sure, you do not blow the stylus to remove the dust particles as it doesn’t remove all the dust particles and moreover, makes the stylus dirtier as you accidentally spit on the needle.
Stay away from these common mistakes and follow the correct cleaning procedure to properly maintain your turntable.